Corvette  C3w/ a twist


C3 Vacuum to Electric headlights

I'm not the first guy to do this conversion....but have looked at all the others -and feel this is the most cost effective-cleanest and least modification required of all the others out there.


Killer Light- using the mid 90's Firebird/Trans Am head light actuators was -I believe -the first real kit out there.

Fast forward several years- several linear actuated kits were offered- but at around $1k-just too expensive in my book- there';s a lot of other mods I would like to do w/ that kind of money.

The Mercury Cougar guys started using the Ford Probe motors several years ago- ,,...Then a gentleman named "Tom B1" - a Corvette Forum member started a thread less than a year ago using the same motors.  I though it was a great idea- but needed some refining. Using the stock Probe actuator arm - you had to hack up the headlight housing. The conversion also required a C4 headlight switch. I simplified & redesigned the actuator arm- using threaded rod-w/ a stock actuator rod end. I figured out several different ways to wire -not requiring a new headlight switch- but rather just a $5 relay.

Late one night last winter- I had a couple Ford Probe motors in my hand and was going to figure it out. I took some Simpson Post Caps (used for outdoor deck building) laying around in my basement...a jig saw -drill-and file- and I had a really cool set of troublefree FAST electric headlights.

Careful notching- using a file- the cut out looks like it was always there!

Only Mod required-

Just have to notch out the headlight housing to clear the rod.  Other conversions actually require to cut the lower part of the housing. These brackets use the stock mounting holes.

Bolted down- ready to go....

Stock rod vs Threaded Rod

On the left is the rod out of the actuator. On the left is the stock actuator rod end. Available at most Corvette Suppliers for around $10. This is the easiest way to do the conversion. You'll need (2) 6" lengths of 5/16 18 pitch  threaded rod as well.

Steel and Stainless

Just watch this-

Electric Headlight Conversion

This.................or THIS?


Wiring ?

Several ways....

Email me w/ any question wiring these up. 

Too fast- you can wire the motors in a series and cut the speed inĀ½!

$59 Steel  $69 Stainless

      Including Shipping and continental US

                             Paypal fees included

        Email me  for shipping and/or multiple pieces orders

Windshield Wiper Door Conversion

                                                                       Coming soon!!!

Acme thread-to threaded rod connector

No mod to wiper door needed...motor spins at a couple hundred RPM....not too fast

fits flush-

against the firewall-not like the actuator ones out there...


These are mounted on the 'inside'- brackets can be swapped side to side and motors will mount on the outside. AND you can use two left or two right motors if needed.


looks like it will work....