Why ?


I have owned my 71 Convertible -originally a LS5 4 speed -since High School. Bought it as a Senior in 1981-and by that time the orginial 454 was long gone- replaced w/ a Big Block 402. Parked it the mid eighties - as life - work - marriage - kid - divorce-sorta kept me busy.  Fast forward to 2010- My son was graduated High School- and I now had some time on my hands...but not a lot!  I was originally was looking at replacing the Big Block -  with a warmed ZZ502...then thought a LSx motor would be cool. Even looked at going w/ a 8.1 496 w/ fuel injection.  But I wanted something different...really different. Having owned a few BMW's- the V12 got my eye- a lot of kit car guys are doing them- Why not? It's about the same size as a Big Block- and weighs almost 200lbs less...

I'm a car guy-and I like solving problems- I've been told- thatI think out of the box...And as a kid I craftily fitted the round peg in the square hole...


Corvette  C3w/ a twist